A Fresh Broom at the Rose & Crown

Mr Pernickety is very chuffed to be able to use this blog thingy. He will try to keep his followers up-to-date with news of changes that have been made in establishments already reviewed – most especially those to which he has given a roasting, which have subsequently changed hands and improved. It is, after all, Mr P’s clear intent that his reviews should be the constant driver of improvement in the nation’s eating houses.

First up, then, is the Rose & Crown in Church Lane, Ludlow. 

Last time, Mr P described it thus….

“At least the essential fabric of this small, fascinating 14th century building and the potentially picturesque courtyard which it encompasses haven’t been too damaged, but it houses one of the most miserable, stale-fat-smelling, under-achieving boozers it has been Mr P’s misfortune to enter. The Pub-Co that owns it would surely do a service to themselves and the town by selling the freehold to a sympathetic, tasteful operator, so that this potential gem of a pub could enjoy a fulfilling existence.”

 Well, they haven’t sold the pub, but they obviously took on board Mr Pernickety’s comments when the former tenants chucked in their beer-sodden sponge. A new lease has been granted to Paul Kemp, a landlord who already has good relations with the Pub-Co, having operated their Bridge Inn in Ludlow for some years. There he runs a simple, genuine sort of a boozer which Mr P enjoys visiting from time to time to for the foot-tapping, hip-waggling performances of his favourite Rustic Rockers, the Sultana Brothers. (Oh yes, Mr P likes his rock’n’roll too.) Mr Kemp is also to be applauded as an active campaigner against unruly  drunks in the town’s pubs.

 Mr P hasn’t visited the Rose & Crown since the change, but it seems very likely the new landlord will do much to improve what was a terrible waste of lovely old pub. Mr P should be glad to hear the views of those who have visited the reopened R&C.