The modern young whippersnappers who assist Mr Pernickety in the publication of his frank, no-nonsense reviews of eating houses around popular destinations in Blighty have told him about the wonderful communicative benefits of this internet thingy. Mr Pernickety, despite his high regard for traditional methods of propagation, is not an old stick-in-the-mud luddite and he has agreed that word of his activities should be broadcast “online”.

Like most of us, Mr Pernickety enjoys the pleasures of the table, but – also like most of us – he does not enjoy paying for poor quality food, badly cooked and served in a less than pleasing ambience. Having wasted many hours in inferior establishments posing as restaurants, he felt it would be a valuable service to a chosen destinations, to its inhabitants and visitors to summarise the qualities (or lack of them) of all the eateries in the place, thereby allowing readers to know which restaurants are truly worth a visit and to avoid wasting hours in establishments that do not deliver satisfaction.

To savour fully the contents of Mr Pernickety’s Guide, you must first acquire one from one of the many brave stockists scattered through the Marches and even London Town or you can buy it here “online”.